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Our experts and engineers have been working
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MUA Record Of Success

We provide flexible and highly reliable make-up air units for various industries. We have assisted engineers, installers, contractors, HVAC suppliers, building supervisors, etc. Our products are used in a vast array of commercial and industrial applications. We are ready to configure a high-performance MUA unit to fit your needs.

Why use a Make-Up Air Unit?

Make-up air units pull fresh, tempered air from outside of your building or space to replace the air that cannot be recirculated. This provides optimal air quality for occupants.

About MUAs:

Make-up air units supply replacement air. They are designed to replace or “make up” the air exhausted from ventilation, heaters, various processing, and other types of HVAC equipment. The internal space is brought to a neutral or pre-determined building pressure by replacing the air in your interior space that has been removed due to processes that exhaust air. In addition, make-up air units can provide heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer for employee comfort. Employee comfort equals productivity for your business.   

In summary

Make-up air units are an integral component in your HVAC system to provide safety and comfort for your employees.

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